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Welcome to Al-Huda Masjid Community Sunday School!


Al-Huda mosque Sunday School was set up to provide formal islamic education to children in the community aged 5-17. The School runs every Sunday from 10am to 1pm for about 40 weeks in a year. We provide books, stationery and a healthy morning tea. It is run by volunteers from the Islamic community in Dunedin and it is wholely base on community spirit, from preparing the weekly food for the children to the setting up of the syllabus and teaching material.

Al-Huda mosque Sunday School is structured under the Otago Muslim Association (OMA) and received its funding mainly from OMA, parents and donors.

Our Classes


The School provide classes for children aged 5-17. Below are some of the classes that we provided:

  • Solah, Wudhu and Sirah

  • Arabic

  • Teachings of the Quran

  • Tilawah and Tajweed

  • Short surah and Nasyeed

  • Fun activities and Gardening

Events & Notice

REGISTRATION DAY | 18 March 2018


The school registration day will be at Alhuda mosque

Time : 10am to 12pm


There will be more information on Sunday school and briefing by teachers. You can discuss with the teachers on the curriculum and structure of the school.


Alhamdulliah the school is now close for 2018 and we will begin in March 2019. MasyaAllah this year we have 130 students learning in our school with more Syrian brothers and sisters/family arriving.

School Enrolment Age



The enrolment age must be 5 years and above. This is important as the volunteer teachers need to provide full attention to the class.

The school is not setup to received smaller children as of now.

" This Sunday School is the only formal Islamic Education for our children run by volunteers for the Dunedin and Otago region"
Br Steve Johnston
Chairman  OMA
" We welcome all contribution towards the Sunday School whether monetory or in kind. This will surely help us advanced towards our goal and obligation of islamic education for the young ones here"
Dr Nurulhuda  Thiyahuddin
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