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About the School

The Otago Muslim Association of New Zealand has been running the Sunday Islamic School since 2006. The main objectives of the setup of the school are:

  • To provide formal Islamic education to children of the Muslim community in Dunedin and Otago region

  • To enhance continous learning experience guided by principles of Islam and the teaching of the prophet SAW.

  • To create an islamic culture and positive environment for children

  • To bring together muslim children in the community

  • To make the masjid a fun and happy place to be for children

  • To promote high moral and ethical values according to the divine books

  • To produce responsible and contributing muslims in the community


Currently, the school has adopted curriculum developed by the IQRA’ International Educational Foundation ( in the United States which is widely used in the English speaking western countries as well as the age targeted syllabus by Islamic Religous Council of Singapore (MUIS).


School structure

Current principal of the Sunday School is:


Sis Nurulhuda Mohammed Thiyahuddin

Sis Nurul has been the principal of the Sunday school since early 2015. She is current a fulltime dentist in Dunedin. Her passion is to provide Islamic education to young children of muslim community in Dunedin and Otago region. Originally from Malaysia, she has been in Dunedin for 5 years. Realising the need for a properly structured Islamic Education in Dunedin, she has been actively involved with the school since she was back here.

Co-principal of the Sunday School is:


Sis Waad  Alsayd and Zhargona Lafarie

Sis Zhargona has been involved in Sunday school since 2006. Apart from being a full time Neonatal nurse, Sis Zhargona is an active member of the Otago Muslim Association and a respected Dunedin community at large.

Junior boys and girls teacher 2015
Junior boys and girls teachers
Senior boys teachers 2015
Senior boys teachers

Sister Zarghona
Sister Fauzia
Sister Yasmeen
Sister Dema
Sister Mariska Dini
Sister Mastura
Sister Sharifa
Sister Aisyah Khatoon
Sister Maryam

Sister Aida

Sister Hiya
Sister Hajar
Sister Leena
Sister Nourah
Sister Rabeya
Sister Uhood
Sister Nazihah
Sister Liyana

Sister Izzati
Sister Shatha

Sister Nor Asyikin
Sister Durrah
Sister Adeela
Sister Aliah
Sister Dareen
Sister Nadeen
Sister Umaima

Sheikh Asrarul Haq

Br Kamaruddin

Nourishment comittee 2015
Nourishment committee

Sister Afroza
Sister Fathimatul
Sister Rini
Sister Norhasnida
Sister Rozaliana
Sister Fatma

Sister Rozana
Sister Shafinaz
Sister Amber
Sister Nihara
Sister Rula


Br Steve Johnston
(OMA Treasurer)
Dr Haizal Mohd Hussaini
(OMA Secretary General)

Location and classes

The school is conducted every Sunday 10am to 1pm on normal national school term.

It is held at the Alhuda mosque, 21 Clyde Street, Dunedin New Zealand.


More about the mosque can be found at :

About the School

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