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Curriculum and Classes

Currently, the school has adopted curriculum developed by the IQRA’ International Educational Foundation ( in the United States which is widely used in the English speaking western countries as well as the age targeted syllabus by Islamic Religous Council of Singapore (MUIS). We analysed the students individual needs according to age targeted outcome by MUIS and teach accordingly.


The classes comprises of the prescibed subjects by IQRA' foundation. However, we blend the materials from other sources as well adapting to our needs.


We do aspire that, with more volunteer educational experts and better facilities, this Sunday School can be extended in terms of curriculum and hours to meet the demand and our objectives.


Teachings of the Quran


Greetings in Islam
Pillars of Islam
Articles of Faith
Adhab in masjid and community
Halal Food

Adhab and values with family and friends


Salah, Wudhu and Sirah


Making wudhu
Performing Solat
Prayer times and places to pray
Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW
Sirah of the Prophets Adam, Nuh, Yaqub and
Yusuf and others


Tajweed and Recitation/Tilawah


Recognising and writing Arabic letters
Tajweed rules


Memorization of short surahs

Arabic language

Arabic letters

Pronounciation and grammar


Fun and recreational

Gardening in summer

Nasyeed and games


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